.Welcome to MYSTIC-LINK Collars Online!               Patent Pending.
After  looking in various Pet Supply and Department Stores, I could not find what would
assist my dog "Bella" to heal after leg surgery without the use of pills so, I invented
the MYSTIC-LINK Collar. The Therapeutic Pet Collar received Patent Pending status in
February 2006 ( a relatively new concept ).
We offer a 30 day unconditional guarantee of purchase price, shipping excluded. I am
dedicated to providing therapeutic devices to assist with healing and pain relief at a
reasonable price. I hope to supply a full line of collars for other pets in the future.
Please contact us for information or concerns.
                                                               Thanks, George S. Agee
Contact Information:

Mystic-Link Collars
PO. Box 105
Dayton, Ohio 45401-0105
(937) 252-1997
(937) 545-5754
24" MYSTIC-LINK COLLAR    price ($19.95 + S&H)
For centuries it has been known that a combination of magnetism / copper may
promote a refined influence on the body's ability to filter toxins, improve oxygen /
blood circulation, relieve pain of arthritis and enhance joint movement.
MYSTIC-LINK (Patent Pending) Therapeutic pet collar is a copper electro-plated
link chain, has five powerful magnets inserted strategically in the links. This
unique design, the placement of magnets and use of copper plate over nickel base
metal (magnet friendly) has shown positive results. I will not guarantee my product
will be 100% effective in all cases but, currently all comments have been positive.

Benefits of the Mystic-Link Collar may include:
Enhance Joint Movement
Relieve Pain of Arthritis
Improve Circulation
Influence the body's ability to Filter - Out Toxins
Results with NO PILLS

9" MYSTIC-LINK NYLON  COLLAR    price ($16.95 + S&H)